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About The CIRS Group

One of the most common symptoms of CIRS is brain fog and difficulty assimilating new information. So when Jacie and Barbara were first diagnosed with CIRS, they both experienced major overwhelm at the depth of information, science and studies on CIRS they had to dig through. Not only that, but all of the information currently out about CIRS seemed geared towards practitioners and scientists, not patients. 

Jacie and Barbara wanted to provide a safe place to commiserate about the illness and its symptoms, to lift each other up as they heal, and to provide resources like podcasts, books, supplements and summaries in one easy-to-navigate place. And with Jacie being a health coach and Barbara a personal finance coach, they are uniquely qualified to empower group members by answering questions, giving tips on building good habits, explaining the protocol, and giving advice on budgeting for treatment.

What is CIRS?

CIRS, or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, is often the root cause of many “uncurable” illnesses like Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, POTS, PANDAS, SIBO, and many autoimmune conditions. CIRS can happen to approx. 25% of the population, as they are genetically predisposed to being unable to clear out biotoxins from their body on their own. Biotoxins can be many things, but most often comes from exposure to water damaged buildings (mold). The result is an innate immune system response that never hands off to the adaptive immune system, which means your body starts damaging itself with inflammation rather than attacking the toxins causing the problem in the first place. Symptoms range from muscle cramps, frequent urination, joint pain and brain fog, to vertigo, blurry vision, histamine reactions, GI issues and night sweats.

The good news is that there IS treatment available - Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker discovered that cholesterol binders can clear the toxins from your system by binding to your bile, where the toxins live and would otherwise re-circulate. His protocol has been peer reviewed and clinically proven. We are here to support you mentally and emotionally as you walk through his treatment steps with your CIRS-certified practitioner.

About the Founders

Jacie is a 3.5+ year carnivore, certified nutrition coach, and carnivore recipe developer determined to share the life changing information of carnivore and CIRS to anyone who will listen. Check out her carnivore recipes and other content at LadyCarnivory.com

Barbara is a coach, facilitator, speaker, 2.5+ year carnivore, and a big fan of health and freedom. In addition to co-founding TheCIRSGroup.com with Jacie, Barbara is also a Facilitator for The Tom Woods School of Life and offers one-on-one coaching for people wanting to make a bigger impact in the world.

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